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Our Story

We are a distributor of mobile phones and smart devices. Providing end-to-end solutions for brand principals, wholesalers and retailers worldwide.

We help you to manage your product the moment it leaves your hands.

End-to-end distribution

We manage the end-to-end distribution process, once the product leaves the supplier’s factory, to sales and then to end-consumers.

We find you your markets

Our good control over sales channels bring the most relevant products of your brand to the people who matter. With our strength in both emerging and established markets, in which we have forged strong relationships over the years of our experience, we identify the key markets to bring maximum visibility for your products.

We are taking up challenges and pushing boundaries constantly

Developing countries which are in the early stages of mobility adoption (mostly emerging markets) are hard to penetrate, but our localized experienced team, coupled with our wide and established network of coverage, means that we have already won half the race.

We shorten the go-to-market time

Our in-house capabilities include importation and logistics management, pre-sales marketing, promotion planning, in-shop branding and after-sales management.