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It capture idol dolls once the this new provider because of their sensed mother–child relationship ranging from fans and you may idols

It capture idol dolls once the this new provider because of their sensed mother–child relationship ranging from fans and you may idols

5 Conclusion, implications, & coming research

This study sets out to explore fans’ motivations for buying idol dolls and you will take a look at this new psychological need off mommy fans. The analysis of your “mother–child relationship” results in present research on parasocial relationships between fans and you will idols and you can improves our comprehension of fandom usage needs among Generation Z for the Asia.

The main results shall be described below. Earliest, admirers buy idol dolls out of their psychological attachment so you can idols. Mother fans, with an intense passion to own idols and you can find a sense away from command over idols, make up the majority of idol toy people. 2nd, to acquire idol dolls can also act as a good disguise for girlfriend fans to cover up its romantic hopes and dreams regarding their idols. Third, fans get idol dolls because they make somebody be quicker alone and you may stressed. But they are not believed a substitute for a genuine personal relationships. To own women fans, social requirement, like engaged and getting married and achieving students, supply unconsciously swayed its requests. More over, because the idol dolls is the semiotic identifier you to definitely signifies fans’ credibility and welfare, they could assist admirers notice such as for example-minded some body and you will gain recognition regarding the area. It should be listed one men idol-doll admirers, who’re sensed deviants about masculine normative on the real industry, along with face more strict scrutiny from the on the internet partner neighborhood reigned over of the ladies. In their eyes, having idol dolls is simply the delivery, being approved because of the community requires a great deal more solid proof their authenticity since fans.

As for the ramifications from the analysis, very first, they raises the knowledge of new reasons about idol-toy orders, and that’s rewarding for advertisers. They are able to utilize this perception to help you appeal to the latest emotional requires out-of admirers, specifically mommy fans, by designing and deals dolls that induce a powerful sense of attachment in their eyes. Next, from the accepting and you can centering on the good aspects of lover points, this research leads to the fresh new constant procedure for de-demonization and you will normalization regarding fandom. 3rd, this study acknowledges the initial point of views and you can experiences from male idol fans, which means requires creating a very comprehensive and supporting room one to welcomes diverse partner identities. Lastly, investigating idol-dolls, just like the providers off fans’ passion so you can idols, keeps social value during the understanding the dynamics with the in the world cultural phenomenon. Similarly, idol-dolls serve as an internationally identifiable social currency and social identity signifier, connecting admirers away from different parts of the nation and you can manifesting its mutual emotional accessories. So it fosters get across-social relationships among fans. Concurrently, making use of idol-dolls can cause more beneficial communication strategies for each other overseas and residential idols to interact with regards to fan angles, boosting fans’ respect and cultivating associations between stars and you can admirers globally. In conclusion, considering the extensive influence out-of idol society into a major international level, learning idol-dolls offers worthwhile expertise toward that it cultural landscaping.

In a nutshell, this study falls out light on personality and complexities of enthusiast habits in addition to their relationship that have idols from contact lens out of idol dolls since the materiality carriers. New findings and you can insights tend to join this new broader discussion on fandom and you can Age bracket Z, plus fans’ issue habit. Inside interviews, fans’ implicit disappointment with sexism, new patriarchal hegemony, and you will dangerous masculinity during the China could be thought but was not systematically talked about within this study. Ergo, a great deal more education will be held to explore Chinese fans’ reactions or resistance to the fresh new hegemonic gender norms on patriarchal people.


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